World Sustainable Energy Institute

World Sustainable Energy Institute ( WSEIN ) is international institution located in Vienna, Austria, that promotes and encourages sustainability and has its focus on the development of solutions for current global environmental challenges. WSE Institute worldwide cooperates with universities, cities, municipalities and authorities which are interested in sustainable development and sustainable solutions. The institute supports the change in the city and community in the areas of

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Sustainable Community

World Sustainable Energy Institute supports sustainability projects by offering trainings, workshops, onsite and web-based webinars.

WSEIN co-operates with companies, organisations, educational institutions and entrepreneurs in the areas of renewable energy as well as environmental technologies and brings decisions makers, academic leaders and enterpreneurs together to encourage

Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Cities

World Sustainable Energy Institute is organized as follows


World Sustainable Energy Institute annually organizes the World Sustainable Energy Forum to welcome experts of companies and organisations from the international energy and environmental sectors that focus in their work on international energy, environment and sustainability solutions.

WSEIN invites academic and university institutes, companies and individuals to present their research work, pioneering innovations or groundbreaking publications on smart solutions leading to sustainability in the fields of Sustainable Mobility, Environment, Energy and Community.

World Sustainable Energy Awards will be given to the best projects in the categories professionals, students and youth.


Academic papers on sustainable energy topics will be considered for the International Conference on Sustainable Energy which will be held as a part of the World Sustainable Energy Forum.


World Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurs is a platform to promote and encourage entrepreneurship in the fields of Sustainable Energy, Mobility, Environment and Community. WSEIN Entrepreneurs Membership is open to companies and entrepreneurs that focus in their work on sustainability.

MSc. Gökhan Yildirim

President of World Sustainable Energy Institute ( WSEIN )



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